Ignition Assault - Special Edition

Ignition Assault - Special Edition

Ignition Assault - Special Edition

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Set: Ignition Assault Sealed
Release Date: 2020-03-06
Reignite the Dueling fire with Ignition Assault Special Edition! Each Ignition Assault Special Edition contains 3 Ignition Assault booster packs, as well as 2 (of 4) Super Rare variant cards in every box! The immovable force of Gouki Guts along with the recursive power of Unchained Twins – Sarama give you a sneak preview at what's to come in Spring 2020's Eternity Code booster set, while 2 brand-new Link Monsters also enter the fray. Use Cyberse Accelerator to power up your Cyberse monsters by 2000 points, or let them attack twice! Or protect your other monsters with the huge Link-4 2800 ATK Gouki Destroy Ogre.

Humanity's greatest fear has been realized! Dueling A.I.s have become sentient and organized their own army to take the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME by storm in Ignition Assault! Winter 2020's 100-card booster set heats things up with Ai's "@Ignister" cards from the climax of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, multiple brand-new strategies, new cards for popular strategies, and powerful, general use cards that every Duelist will want to add to their arsenal!

Keep your A.I. on the prize! Ai's "@Ignister" strategy is a Cyberse theme with mastery of Link, Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning! Cynet Mining from Dark Neostorm and Firewall Dragon Darkfluid from Chaos Impact will help you to maximize this Deck's capabilities.

A new Beast-Warrior theme that you can use, even if you don't have an Extra Deck, or you're just starting to build your Extra Deck with cards from Duel Devastator. This theme makes use of Continuous Spells and Traps, so keep your "Fire Formation" cards from Fists of the Gadgets at the ready.
No Ritual Spells? No problem! A megalithic new Ritual theme where the monsters themselves do all the heavy lifting.

Become the scourge of the high seas! A new theme based on pirates and their ships smuggles its way into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. How is "piracy" in a Duel defined? How about "getting what you don't pay for," in this case, getting monsters out of your Extra Deck without using any materials!

Ignition Assault also bolsters themes like Karakuri, Witchcrafter, Time Thief, and more!
Multiple general-use cards applicable to any Deck. If you're looking for a new mass removal Spell that can handle any type of card, or a Trap that can add any card from your Deck to your hand, look no further than Ignition Assault!

Each Ignition Assault Special Edition contains:
• 3 Ignition Assault booster packs
•2 (of 4) Super Rare variant cards

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